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of the WWII!

Last updated 16th of July 2024

We only produce and sell high quality items
and not mass productions from China as many other shops do.
Most of our items are "AGED" so they look old and authentic with high details.
Please do not re-sell any of our products as originals.  

"WW II Axis" and "WW II Allies" sections.
High Quality WW II combat equipment and militaria.
All items are reproduction unless otherwise noted.

Some of the New updates:
M. Wittmann Totenkopf Ring - Complete Set!

Many new SS Ausweis, ID-Books
and Identity Cards for Luftwaffen and Heer:

SS Ausweis - ID Books
1944SHOP.com does not condone or wish to glorify
 extremist regimes of the period such as the Third Reich and the USSR.
 We provide uniforms, insignia, medals and equipment for
 historical re-creation or theatrical purposes only!